Patience with your words…

“Be patient of the words you say and will be saying. Though it’s true and what you really feel, it needs patience and good timing.”


Mahal Ko Siya

Mahal ko sya!

Mahal ko ba siya?

Pero ewan ko lang.

Baka hindi ko sya mahal.

Baka gusto ko lang syang kausap.

Kasi masaya syang kausap.


Para bang walang problema sa mundo;

Parang parating puno ang wallet ko;

Parang araw-araw may pang-ARMY NAVY ako;

Parang di ako nilalagnat pag gabi;

Parang matataas ang grades ko sa Stat at Bio;

Parang malaki ang sweldo ko;

Parang ewan ko ba,

Mahal ko yata sya!

O baka naman hindi ko siya mahal,

Siguro gusto ko lang siyang kasama.

Masaya kasi syang kasama.

Para ‘kong lumilipad!

Parang kaya ‘kong lutasin lahat ng problema.

Parang mabubuhay na ko kahit titigan ko lang siya;

Parang di ko na kailangang kumain…

Matulog… huminga…

Siguro nga mahal ko siya!

Pero… paano kung hindi ko pala siya mahal?

Gusto ko lang siguro siyang yakapin.

Masarap kasi syang yakapin,

Tumatalon ang puso ko.

Nalilimutan ‘kong wala pa ‘kong hapunan,

At na marami pa ‘kong utang

O, na galit na ang boss ko dahil parati akong late.

Dahil di ako makatulog kakaisip sa kanya.

Kakaisip kung, nasaan siya?

Kung kumusta na siya?

Kumain na kaya siya?

May iba kaya siyang kayakap?

Sino kaya katabi niya?

Tulog na ba siya? O baka naman may tinatrabaho pa?..

Ewan, mahal ko na nga yata siya.

Hindi ko naman yata siya mahal.

Gusto ko lang siyang katabing matulog,

Masarap kasi syang katabi matulog.

Meron akong tandayan at kayakap,

At parang mabibilang ko lahat ng bituwin sa langit

Kahit may bubong ang bahay namin,

Nararamdaman ‘kong ligtas ako

Yun bang hindi ako tatamaan ng ligaw na bala pag bagong taon,

O ng kidlat pag umuulan.

Naiisip ko rin na parang swerte ako.

Yun bang nanalo ng isang daang milyon sa lotto,

O ng bagong TV sa raffle sa christmas party.

Mahal ko nga siya!

Hindi, hindi totoong mahal ko siya.

Gusto ko lang na nasa mabuti siya,

Na masaya siya kahit iba ang kasama niya,

Na okay lang sa ‘kin na di niya ‘ko mahalin,

Na ayaw nya ‘kong kausap,



Katabing matulog


Hindi ko siya mahal!

Gusto ko lang ligtas siya

At hindi pinapaiyak ng kung SINO SINO

Gusto ko MAHILIN sya nung minamahal niya,

At na sana lumigaya sya kahit kapiling ng iba.

Mahal ko naman siya diba?

Handa lang akong iaalay ang buhay ko sa kanya,

Yung pag sinabi niyang talon sa tulay,

Tatalon ako talaga!

At kung sabihin niyang ayaw na nya kong makita,

At may iba na siya mahal,



Kasi nga, MAHAL KO SIYA!

Ano ba! Ang kulit ko naman!

Kasi nga HINDI ko sya mahal.

HINDI ko sya mahal!

Hindi nga…

PS: This was a revisited version of my FIL2 monologue.



Good afternoon my dearest friends!

     Almost all of us had a hard time describing ourselves, who we really are, who am I? I guess what we really know about ourselves is only at the tip of an ice berg and our real self is still sunk under the cold waters of North Pole. Well, we discover ourselves from others, through friends, family and the people we meet; also from what we do daily and the things we love to do; and lastly through experience as we grow, not really in years but as a person.

     So here I am born in May 6, 1995 on a private hospital in our town and I wish I had some dramatic things to say like I was born in an airplane, ship or in a spaceship on its way to the moon; living life on the fast lane with fancy cars; being born with a royal blood; or living in a mansion like Richie Rich’s. But I guess living in a simple life would be a lot better… or I would say… the BEST.

     I am Romeo Victor Bunales Cardenas. I am often called “Romeo” by my schoolmates, sometimes “Victor” by some teachers and “Lucky” by close friends and family. My uncle gave me the nickname, “Lucky” because when I came to life my dad won as our town’s vice mayor, and much more as fortune paved my parent’s way, it was more of a blessing I say.  I was born the eldest child of six. I have five siblings, four brothers and my only lovely sister. I maybe strict to my siblings in some way but I never fail to show them how much I love them. Since we are six in the family, we always quarrel over toys, argue what channel to watch whether Cartoon Network or Disney Channel, and give our parents headache. But I guess that was the fun part, having five brothers and a sister. My dad would be the coolest dad ever because he know a lot of stuffs in life. From an average joe-engineer-politician-architect-counsellor-friend and lastly dad transition, he is the best. He may not be Einstein, Lincoln, Rizal, Obama or whoever, but he is just a simple yet unique guy who would teach you to be who you really are and who you would learn a lot.  My mom, on the other hand, is the one who keeps on reminding me to do this and to do that. She would always scold me when I do things the wrong way. I always get irritated by it and it seems to be overrated. But I guess that’s what mom’s do, and came realize that despite all of the nonstop downpour teachings and reminders I get from my mom she is right. And at the end of the day, mothers know best. I LOVE my family and I couldn’t bear to lose them.

     My childhood was spent either making drawings of airplanes, superheroes or anime characters; playing marbles,teks, pog and patentero. Well, I also met computer games, most especially, counter-strike and DoTA, which eventually ruined my “good grades”. That’s why my parents sent me to the seminary, for some disciplinary measures and also for my benefit. In the first place, I only entered the seminary to get rid of my computer addiction. Then I came to meet, basketball followed by prayer and later on loved that place like it was my “home away from home”. After four years of formation and studying high school I went out of that four-walled sacred place for young men. Not that I don’t like to be a priest someday or whatever, but I’ve discerned well, with prayers, that it was not my road to take on. I learned a lot there, enjoyed my stay and never regretted that I’ve been there. So I took up the USTET exam, chose Philosophy as my major and here I am with you. Then I met these crazy, happy-go-lucky, intelligent, well-rounded group of people I call my second family, or also known as the Venerable Family. Pauline (Lola), Jeremiah (Daddy), Paula (Tiyang), the “Powerpuff Girls” and my three lovely sisters, Bea (Sister Bear), Gail (Sister Panda), and Julia (Sister Poodle), Grace (my bessy and Bunso), Knicole (Pinsan), and lastly, the newly recruited member of the family, Jervin (Pinsan and theunico hijo of Tiyang).  They’re always there for me, that is why I am thankful to God I have them. I love them and nothing more to ask.

     By the way, besides drawing and playing street games, I play basketball and an avid Laker fan and of the great, Kobe Bryant. I am an athletic person and when it comes to sports I am very competitive. Since I started playing I always wanted to get better every game that’s why when I have a free time I always find a way to train. Been a varsity player in high school and joined different leagues. I join training camps at Ateneo every summer. And well, hoping for a stint in college hoops… someday… I guess.

     My other hobby is reading. A habit I developed in the seminary since we had a lot of study period and free time. I started with Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in The World, then I ventured to Hardy Boys Series, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, etc. Beside novels, I also read manga like Naruto, Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I would always wait on the cyberspace every Wednesday or Thursday midnight just to catch up the weekly update of these manga, crazy right? But if you want, I could tell the stories of these manga from the very beginning and tell you what would happen, or I say my prediction for the next chapter.

     When I was a little fat kid, I always say to my dad, “Pa, magiging kapitan din ako ng eroplano balang araw!” But then, the plane crashed and I started to build another dream of becoming an engineer when I was in elementary, and I said to my mom, “Gagawan ko po kayo ni Papa ng magandang bahay at ang magiging asawa ko balang araw!” But I got low grades in Math and eventually the dream houses were demolished. When I was in 4th year high school I said to myself, “Magiging isang magaling na abogado ako baling araw. “ But I realized that dreams really matter when how you make it and how you enjoy life right now. I’m making my dream count right now and hope that I never lose track with it. I would like to end my speech with the Latin saying, “Dum spiro, spero.” which means “As long as I breathe, I hope.”

That’s all and thank you my friends!


PS: This was a revisited version of my ENG4 Speech