To all sneakerheads, kickgeek or whatever-you-call-to-a-shoe-collector…

It really makes me wonder why being a “sneakerhead” nowadays is all about the Jordan’s you’ve got. Yes, I’ll give credit to guys who collects J’s, and in fact, I envy them having those kind of shoes for I also want to have one so bad (I really would like to have the Air Jordan 5 Retro Black). But think that collecting J’s does not really make you a “hardcore” sneakerhead. On the other hand, i confess that my knowledge about sneakers is not yet enough to be called “hardcore”, “master”, or “guru” of that kind, and I would like to learn more about the shoe collecting industry. Try to see the wonders brought by Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Onitsuka, Converse, Reebok, Vans, etc. The classics brought by these brands are something to look and collect for, not only the Jordan’s.

To all who is just starting to venture this kind of hobby (or passion to those who are into the industry of collecting shoes), here’s some practical tips:

1. Start with the classics and its simple colorways.

2. As you possess a reasonable number of kicks, you may then start with the rare ones.

3. Buy a sneaker that would fit your personality and your style.

4. Don’t buy a kick that you wouldn’t be wearing, if it is the rare kind, please wear it at times. It will just wear out if it stays long at your closet.

5. Choose wisely the sneaker that you will be buying for you to save money.


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