4 Things You Should Do While You Are Single


Building one’s faith or belief is very essential in being single. It does not mean that since you are single you are alone, listening to blues, Adele, Lana Del Rey  or your favourite “emo” band! Rather, it is a time for you to build something you can keep and hold on to, for yourself and for your next relationship. Contemplate and reflect all the right and wrong decisions you’ve made, so as your strengths and weaknesses. Learn from it and it will be of great help in the building process.

You may be fresh from a break up, or been single your whole life, but make sure that you have that belief no one could break and mess with.  A faith that will keep you going through the bullshit, the good and the bad, happy or sad, summer or winter, or any situation, experience or what will those shitty people say that will hold you back.


It is very evident nowadays that the herd of flirtatious people are scattered everywhere, and this results to bad relationship. For Pete’s sake! You are single for a reason for you to have time to make yourself ready for someone worth having, not with someone for sweet company, one night stand, friends with benefits, or for the sake of not spending time alone. Bad relationships will only give you the good feeling for a short time, conscience will strike you in the end and will make you feel miserable with your bad deed. Do realize that engaging into a bad relationship is unhealthy and is a damn waste of time! You are just wasting someone’s time, and yours. Karma’s a bitch and it will slap you so hard you’ll wake up in the morning regretting what you’ve done. Spend your time with someone who is in for the long run, and worth your time and effort.


Having time for yourself when committed into a relationship is very limited – you are always with your partner doing your responsibilities as a lover. That is why when you are single, have time for yourself as much as possible. Do the things you love or did not do before (just not stupid please). Unwind and feel free – travel to places you’ve never been before, go to the beach, do extreme sports, go to an art exhibit, read the books of your favourite author, watch all the TV series you’ve missed, meet new set of friends, etc. Also this is the time for you to reconcile with yourself. Remake the old you – learn from your past mistakes, have a firm resolve to improve yourself, and build up your self-esteem. Make the best out of your time. You can use these experiences to venture on with your new someone in your next relationship.


I know that waiting is the hardest part, but know that when the wait is over it will give you the feeling of elation and bliss. It appears confusing how you will determine if that person is really for you, but basically you will feel it – a warm feeling of admiration. Of course you also wouldn’t feel a thing if you don’t give the person a chance or you did not put your ideals about love into action, or at least try. Always have the guts and confidence. Don’t wait for the apple to fall from the tree, you should climb and get it from the top. In a way, having the right person is not only having that mutual feeling and understanding, but it is also something earned and not given.

When you’re getting to know with that person you’ll basically know if he/she is the right one the way that person shows his/her affection – the willingness to go for the extra mile, the simple gestures of good mornings and goodnights, the concern and care, the red roses even if it is not Valentine’s Day, the appreciation of his/her beauty, being there for that person all the time, etc. By such acts, you will know and feel it. Then the feeling becomes mutual and eventually becomes love. Remember that God is always perfect in timing in giving you the right person. You just need to be patient enough.


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